Angela Tayson: Maybe Your Traces Will Be Erased

And if the Moon goes out and if the stars go awayand the music that I invented for her falls silentMaybe this night will end, maybe its traces will be erasedMaybe this story of a beast will end without its beauty.that I’d like me not to leave you and doesn’t let me forget youAnd it doesn’t let me forget you, it doesn’t let me forget youand it doesn’t let me forget you and it doesn’t let me forget you

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Rebecca M: The New Girl

have you ever have that feeling that you feel like butterflies in your stomach? well this is my now i feel like the new girl at school , i don’t know what will happen today, im just readyfor every adventure i will have here , i just hope have good experiences

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Angela Tayson: But I Want to Be Everything for You

Mission of duty, this melody makes me dream, dreamHere I am so that you never forget me)My love, a woman loves and breasts herself forever, or ifWhen they talk to you about meTell them I’m an ordinary human beingI feel the need to give you my luckAnd since the day I saw you I only think about loving youLove you and love youI want you to be happyAnd I would face anything to protect youMaybe I don’t know three languages like many people.But I want to be everything for you

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Angela Tayson: I Want to Be Your True Love

I want to kiss you, I want to love you, feel that I love you, and I love you, I want you, I will think calmly about your memory and thus feel important Because I am feeling true loveI want to kiss you, I want to love you, Feel that I love you,feel that I receive sincere affectionthat love is more important than moneyI know people who are successfulBut they have never given a sincere hugI know a beggar who you think on the floorAnd he always brings his your most precious being a roseI want to kiss you, I want to love you I love you, I love you, I love youCause I’m feeling your true love

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I like polite men, that knows how to talk to a real woman. Threat me like a princess and you will be threated like a King. For me, sex is one of the greatest pleasures of my life. Always that I have the possibility to enjoy myself I take it, by myself… or not.