A big fan of Gaming, Animes, Super Heroes and Cosplay! Always in a great mood! Nerdy, fun loving girl from Brazil! Let`s get to know each other! I am open minded and curious about everything the adult world has to offer a young girl like me!


A woman`s most beautiful outfit is charisma,the prettiest accessory is a smile,and the best pair of heels is confidence,i am a classy, sensual,sexy woman who enjoys listening to your confessions, and genuinely enjoys teasing you, seduce you, conversing with you, you`ll see, you`ll conquer you`ll cum

Emmillyy Shelby: Sunny Day

On a sunny summer morning, Emmilly woke up with excitement. It was her birthday, and she wanted to do something special and meaningful. Emma decided to spread random acts of kindness throughout the day. She handed out flowers, gave away a ball, and left surprise treats for strangers. By the end of the day, she felt a profound sense of fulfillment in making others smile. Her best gift was the joy of giving, and she knew it would be a birthday she’d always remember.

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Jazmine Reign: Updates

To anyone who reads my blogs, I will be getting on stream roughly five(5) days a week, I have no set schedule unfortunately due to my schedule at work being all over the place but I WILL be on between 30-60 minutes per stream, I will try to offer private streams once a week for those who want a little extra other than general chat.Much love, Jazmine Reign

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Amara Jons: Register!

Still haven’t made the decision to register and create an account at Flirt4Free?This will help you motivate yourself a bit and make it happen, if you create an account and come to my room I will give you a couple of free minutes in a private session, or you will have a couple of days in my fan club…So don’t think about it so much and create your account!Muah I will be waiting for you

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Jazmine Reign: Ideas for Future Streams

I had a few ideas I would like to do for up coming streams and I would enjoy feedback from you guys during streams, this wont take away from requests during streams. I am still trying to get a couple things in order outside of flirt to bring you guys the best experience possible and it takes time, I will bring you guys the best experiences possible as often as I can.

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Dulce Maisa: Who is Me ?.

Hi guys firts thanks for take your time to read my profile…I am here for work but that no mean i can do a friendship…I really enjoy my job beacuse that mean to be my self i am horny and naugthy girl love the kinky words and make my mind fly Hope we can make a good magic and you like how i am dont forget make me your favorite that help me grow in this site Love you Daniela

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Dulcee Ross: Confession

Tell me if there is only a small possibility that you end up feeling something for me, if so, I swear that I will give up everything to be with you, and I will spend the rest of my life trying to make you happy by my side, just as I will be. to yours.

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