Getting to know me will be the most exciting experience of your life, always be honest and open your mind to me! I will become your closest friend for fun, a hot lover for passion, and an adviser for difficult moments. I will pay you back with my thoughts and my body.

Valentina Anturi: My Process

The process of a woman like me or any other woman becomes hard or pleasant depending on how you see yourself, how you place yourself and how you treat yourself, in my space I "demand" because I know what I am worth and I know that you who are reading my thoughts also know that I am a tremendous woman, and knowing me is the most pleasant thing you can allow yourself.

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Hey guys, I am Annie a social and cheerful girl. Once you get to know me I promise you will not want to visit anyone else but beware I can be needy as well. ;)


Women are like apples on trees,the best ones are on the top of the tree.The men don`t want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and don`t want to get hurt.Those good ones they just wait for the one who`s brave enough to climb all the way to the top becuase they value quality

Eva Lux: My First Time Masturbating in a Gym

I was 10:00pm on Saturday, I decided to go train a bit to relax, I had never trained on a Saturday at that time, but especially at that time never. At that time the Gym was somewhat lonely since there were not many people, that day I was training a bit of my Arm(Biceps ans Triceps)And clearly I decided to connect here to the page, to share that moment with you and for you to see Something different,at that moment a User decided to make the moment more fun and took me to play with him, in the Gym bathroom; I had never masturbated in a bathroom shower, let alone in a gym. I was very afraid that someone would come in a see me naked, with my fingers in my pussy and moaning with pleasure, it was a fantastic and hot experience, my body felt the adrenaline 100% it was and experience that I will not forget since every time I enter the dressing room and look at that place, I remember what I lived, felt and explored there and especially with whom I enjoyed it, that is when I was about to have my orgasm and do squirt just because my cell phone discharges… That left me very aware that I must always carry my cell phone with a full charge to enjoy it as it should

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Flirty and playful , friendly and very charismatic and also naughty .If my smile won` t make you fall in love I don`t know what will ahaha Sexy ,fit body with long legs to die for ,perfect smooth silky skin too …whole package I enjoy tease &denial , roleplay, lingerie modeling..

Daniela Gonzalez: My Blog #1 – Starting As a Model

I am a psychologist by profession, but I feel this affinity for the world of modeling, I have a lot of plans, I want to use this medium to grow much more, I have no experience as a model, but I hope it goes well for me, the day I am writing This blog is 08/13/2023 and I still haven’t made my first transmission, I’m very nervous, but I’m making friends and having a lot of fun, and well, with the money I generate here I want to pay for a specialization and a master’s degree in my career, and buy my first house

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Jazmine Reign: Goals

So I thought it was time to put some of my goals out there because I need everyone’s help to get to them. I would like to be able to get a fan club going and that requires 10,000 credits and I need 9,546 more as of this post to get to that point. My next goal is to be able to put money aside for future procedures that I will need done in time.

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Victoria Sant: About Me

My name is Victoria, I am 27 years old and I am from Medellin Colombia, I am a lawyer, a couple of years ago I finished my degree, now I am a legal professional, I love to learn so I hope to continue my studies. my transmission is from my house. I am an independent model since I started with this account, I have received a lot of love and support from you, thank you very much for your help.I speak a little English, I have not studied but I learned spontaneously here with you and I hope to learn much more.

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