Angel Liliith: Spying on My Teacher

I have a recurring dream, where the school day is over, but I have to return to the classroom because I forgot something, and when I enter the classroom, I am surprised that there is my teacher, a mature man with a few gray hairs, he is there. sitting at his desk watching a movie on his laptop, which has made his cock hard, the halls of the university are now alone and I watch him from the slightly ajar door, I always imagined what his cock would be like, and now I see it , like this, hard, with the veins full, and in the middle of his big hands, I really feel like doing what I like the most, sucking him, the heat rises and my hands can’t help but caress myself. Then I start to moan and my teacher looks towards the door and sees me embarrassed, but I notice that his cock is still hard and I tell him not to feel shy, I walk to his desk and I take it in my hand, he says that it is not correct, but then I kneel before him and I start to lick his cock…mmm it tastes delicious, I continue licking and sucking, he moans with pleasure as if he were a bull, he lifts me off the floor, he puts me on his desk, he takes down my panties and now he is on his knees before me. He sucks my pussy and it’s so wet, I like how he moves his tongue and gently sucks my clitoris, I can’t take it anymore, I want him inside me, I make him stand up by holding it by his cheeks, he lifts me up and makes me stand up, He abruptly puts me on my back and spreads my legs, he takes me by the hair as if he were my rider, he kisses my neck passionately, God, I beg him to please put it in. and that’s it, he fucks me hard I feel him throb inside my wet and hot pussy, I feel his breath very close and between moans, caresses and rush not to be discovered, I feel my body shake and his semen comes out of me, we reach heaven together, then the alarm goes off and I wake up with my panties wet, now I have to go to my classes and see his face, he can’t even imagine everything we did in my head

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