Linda Fosterr: Do You Want to Know One of My Fantasies?

I had always wanted to tell this to someone until I finally decided, I am talking about a fantasy, but it is a very crazy fantasy, many will tell me that it is crazy, but others will also want to have that experience, just like me. This desire is when I have sexual relations with a person, who gives me the privilege of being able to insert my fingers inside their anus, whether with a romantic partner, a friend, or even a total stranger. I want to one day fulfill this wish in some place where I have never met and where I have never had relationships, like on a plane, in a forest, on the street, in a hotel (Because to be honest I can be very fearful but I will never I have dared to go to a hotel to have sex, I have that fear of being watched), on the beach… and well later I will continue telling you about other places. I want my first moment fulfilling this fantasy to be unforgettable, I hope you liked this Blog, and tell me what your sexual fantasy is?

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